Nilton Mori and his wife, Mariella, came to White Plains from Peru 15 years ago with no plans to open a restaurant, although Nilton worked at his aunt's eatery in Lima, where his mother was the chef. After a few years of washing dishes, delivering furniture and working various other jobs, Nilton convinced Mariella that they could help make ends meet by making ceviches, traditional seafood dishes at their apartment and selling them to friends from the Peruvian community And every time she asked him how they would do it, he would answer: “God will provide” . The couple began spreading the word via Facebook and before too long the orders were rolling in, along with requests for other foods.
"I always wanted to quit," Mariella said, chuckling. "It was so much work. We had to shop every day because we had no place to store the food. But Nilton was always encouraging me and helping and wanting to expand. He always said that some day we would have a deli or a restaurant, and again she asked him how they would do it and he would answer: “God will provide”, and here we are. I never would have believed it would happen like this. I never dreamed it."

The couple attended Peruvian cooking classes in Manhattan to improve their skills, expanded to a full-fledged catering operation in 2012, and in September, opened Delicias del Jireh at 206 Mamaroneck Ave. And God provided to make their dream come true. That means "Delicias del Jireh" which in Hebrew is "God will provide" (Our God Provider).

"It's going very well," said Nilton. "I'm actually surprised at how well it's going. I thought it would take awhile, but people seem to like Peruvian food. We get all kinds of customers, not just people from Peru. Sometimes, they come in by accident, decide to try it and start coming back for more. We tell people if you like it, let us know, and if you don't like it, let us know so we can change it to make it better."